Can Diet Alone Help You Lose Weight?

Many people have probably asked the question, “Can I lose weight with diet alone?” and the first thing to accept when approaching this common is that weight gain is caused by multi-variant factors. So all of those factors need to be controlled. There are indeed instances where diet alone can increase your odds of losing weight.

Weight loss is reliant on having a sustained calorie deficit from the usual one over a long period of time. Provided that in this case the calorie output is either maintained or increased. There would be no point in reducing calorie input and reducing calorie output.

So this article will make a supposition that calorie output remains fairly consistent. Also as aforementioned, weight loss comprises of multi-variant factors.

How Much Can Diet Impact Metabolism?

Before we decide to dive into this section we must, take into account that both exercise and diet have been proven by some studies to impact metabolic rate by a small margin.

However for one to lose weight using a metabolic diet they have to sustain consistency of that diet so that the small marginal losses eventually result in visible weight loss. There are certain factors of metabolism that may be complex to modify, some which include, genetics, age and body type.

In order to succeed with a metabolic diet, you have to consider it a lifestyle change so that the body has time to adjust to the new body and it also stops you from relapsing into old diet and thus old body. These types of diets require you to speak to a dietician and undergo tests of what your body is willing to take.

It is quite easy to fall for well marketed quick fix gimmicks that promise big weight loss in a short amount of time.

Can diet on its own help me lose weight

Type of Diets That May Help Reduce Weight

Can You Lose Weight From Intermittent Fasting Alone?

There are many ways of doing intermittent fasting, but the concept involves depriving oneself of meals at periodic cycles in a bid to reduce calorie intake. Thus reducing food that can later be stored as fat.

This method is effective if there is no over-compensation of the calories after-wards. So one has to really monitor it strictly. Working with a support group, a coach and journaling ones experiences honestly may be useful to maintain this.

The many forms that exist include the 16/8 method, which is when one limits their calorie ingestion to 8 hours per day. Then there is the 5:2 method, where one limits themselves to 500 calories bi-weekly.

According to academic research, intermittent fasting 3–8% weight loss over 3–24 weeks is typical in intermittent fasting. This is a significantly bigger percentage compared to the alternatives. In a similar review, the findings were that the circumference of the waist could reduce by 4–7%.

Other studies indicate that intermittent fasting is effective at improving metabolism and burning fat whilst maintaining muscle mass. Additionally, other benefits one can expect to experience are i mproved brain health, insulin sensitivity, lowered inflamation and anti-aging among a variety.

The method can however be unsafe for some adults so one is advice to consult with their doctor or dietician before implementing this modality.

Can Veganism Help You Reduce Weight?

Many plant based diets mitigate the risk of becoming overweight by a long shot. A vegetarian diet can help one get all the healthy nutrients in digestible proportions.

Lose weight through vegan diet

A lot of plant based food are low in calories and have benefits that aid in weight regulation. Due to their high fiber, they have an ability to keep one fuller longer thus making them eat less as well.

A lot of prople are are afraid to switch to a dominantly vegan diet, however once they are aware of the many recipes that exist in this culture of life they switch.

I would advice you look at a blog like Vegan Cult for more information on these diets and which foods are vegan. It will equip you with a wealth of information on veganism.

Can The Mediterranean Diet Bring About Weight Loss On Its Own?

Research has proven that people lose slightly more weight whilst following a Mediterranean diet. The primary reason it was first implemented was to lower risk of cardio-vascular risk but with that came the weight loss benefit. The diet largely recommends eating of plant based foods such as fruits, whole grains, sea-food, vegetable and extra virgin oil. White meat , eggs and dairy can be moderated in this type of diets whilst red meats are not recommended.

It must be noted that it also restricts any highly processed plant foods , hence it’s favor for whole grains. It is low in sugar.

Due to the high fibre and low calories in most of the foods it recommends it gradually causes weight loss, though it will obviously take time to see the results.

Many people on this diet recommend that you have the biggest meal early in the day to mitigate the need to over-eat later on.

Does The Paleo diet really cause weight loss?

This diet works on the premise that hunter and gatherer foods of old are safer for the human body. It proposes that “The Western” diet is unsuitable for the body, which has not evolved enough to process legumes, dairy and grains efficiently.

Get Slim Using Paleo Diet Alone

It encourages the consumption of fruits, whole foods, vegetables, nuts, seeds and lean meats. Just as the meditarranean diet, it is alos against processed foods.

Convincing studies have indicated that it reduces belly fat and can effect weight loss, though in order for results to be seen, it requires that one adopt it fully as a lifestyle.

Research further suggests that it keeps people full for longer than the other alternatives. The diet also reduces a lot of factors that cause cardiovascular disease such as cholesterol, high blod pressure and levels of triglyceride.

Why You Should Make An Effective Dietary Plan For Weight Loss

We have indicated throughout this article that results can only be obtained with consistency. In order to be consistent one may need to build a structured plan that they can follow through. If it is randomized it will be harder to create the habits needed or let alone measure the outcomes.

Thus you may need to follow an effective dietary plan based on your needs. Now you can sit down with your dietician to achieve this or hire a consultant. Perhaps you can be creative.

Whatever you do. You have to know how many calories each serving is and have a logical reason for the time intervals given making sure that you also consider the nutritional value so that you do not end up with deficiencies.

Whether you end up buying a dietary plan online, sitting down with your dietician or making one of your own. Stick it up on a wall and make a vow to maintain. Celebrate the milestones.

So Can Diet Alone Reduce Weight

Yes diet alone can reduce weight but over a long period of time. For faster weight loss it is ideal to implement other modalities simultaneously such as physical fitness routines even if they are minimal.

Also as mentioned several times through out this article. These modalities only work if one is willing to implement them as a lifestyle.

Hope this has been helpful.

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